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Watch The Video Below For All The Details On Buying This Home With Owner Financing

Watch The Video Below For All The Details On Buying This Home With Owner Financing

Home For Sale with Owner Financing

Credit Issue OK, No Bank Qualifying


The property is available for self-guided viewings daily. You do not need anyone to show you the property. Simply sign up with RENTLY.com and get access to the lockbox code to view the property at your convenience. To Download the Rently App for Android CLICK HERE. To Download the Rently App for iOS CLICK HERE.

We close with a local Attorney or Title Company. At the closing, you get the deed so you own it when we close. We hold the note (mortgage) just like the bank. After the downpayment, you make monthly payments until paid in full just like buyers do when they get a home loan from a bank.
You own the home so feel free to make any changes you like. As a homeowner that’s your right. Our concern, like the bank, is to continue receiving our payments for the loan we gave you to buy the home.

For this home we will accept anything above $10k downpayment. Please watch the video above for more details on this.

The interest rate we use is normal market interest rate. Keep in mind you’ll be going up against other families who want to own this home as well so put your best foot forward in terms of how much you can put down.

We can do a 10, 20, or 30-year term on the loan. There is no balloon and no prepayment penalty.

Yes. Taxes & Insurance are included in each monthly payment and just like a regular mortgage, they are held in escrow and paid out as required.

Because we close with a real estate attorney/title company there will be standard closing costs, loan origination fees etc. Typically, our fees are much less than getting a mortgage from a bank or other financial institution.

The most important step is to go see the property and decide if it’s something you want. None of the other stuff matters if you don’t like the house, the neighborhood or anything else. Wouldn’t you agree?

Once you see the house and like it, we can discuss the specifics of the downpayment, interest rate etc

Can I get pre-qualified for this house before the viewing?

While we always suggest you see the home in person before deciding on it, feel free to contact us with answers to these questions below.
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