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We’re Hiring – Executive Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Florida U.S.A. based Real Estate Investment firm

Seeking to hire a Executive Virtual Real Estate Assistant who will work directly with the business owner to help with various tasks.

The ideal candidate for the job must be able to do the following;

Start work ASAP (sooner the better)
In terms of things needed to perform the job the ideal candidate must:
If you possess any technical knowledge and skills (such as html, wordpress, design etc) that is a plus but definitely not necessary.

To apply for this position reply to this job posting with the following;

“Hi, Stewart, my name is YOUR_FIRST_NAME_HERE. I’m Kevin’s assistant. You spoke to Kevin a few days ago and he sent you some information to look over. Did you get a chance to go over everything? Great, well Kevin wanted me to reach out to you and setup a follow up call so that he could answer any new questions you had and potentially work out a deal. What’s a good time for you tomorrow?”

Scale of 1-10 (1 – Novice, 10 Best In The World) for each duty individually.
Finally, write just a few short lines letting us know why you think you are a good fit for this position. Speak about your experience being a Virtual Assistant, Call Center Agent, Customer Service Rep or any other relevant items.
Applications without these specific criteria will not be considered. Good luck!
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