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Helpful Resources For Fast House Sale.

Selling a house can be really stressful, especially if it’s going slowly.

These resources can help

By giving you information on how fast houses can be sold and how to avoid foreclosures. Clients who are having trouble selling their houses or who don’t want to deal with real estate agents are quite common.

The same goes for those whose houses are about to be foreclosed. Using us as a resource is wise as well, so ask us as many questions as you want to understand all of the options available to you.

Use the resources below and click on the links…

Washington Post Article
This is an article about selling a property to a real estate investor and what you need to know about it. Among other things, the part about ensuring the investor keeps their word when delivering on their part. Investors who fail to close a deal or back out for no good reason is not unheardof.

Resources & Info On Foreclosures –

FDIC Foreclosure
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is an arm of the government that deals with foreclosures among other things. They have a “Foreclosure Prevention Toolkit” that is worth checking out if you’re at risk of foreclosure.
UAC Foreclosure Prevention
This guide for preventing foreclosures by the Urban Affairs Coalition is a nifty piece that provides helpful insight into what leads to foreclosures and how to avoid it.
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