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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our clients approach us

With a lot of questions and many of these questions are similar. Most of our clients approach us with a lot of questions and many of these questions are similar. So if you have any concerns or need some things clarified for you, check out the following frequently asked questions to see if we already answered them.

For more answers though, you can call us or send us an email through our Contact Us page.

Our business is all about buying houses. We are not a real estate firm that hires agents for commission. We purchase properties all over the country that fall under our criteria. We then conduct the necessary repairs so that we can sell the property or rent it out.
The properties we buy are often priced below the market value so that we can make a profit when we sell. However, most of our clients are more concerned with a quick sale of their property if they are at risk of foreclosure, are in need to relocate or are having a hard time selling the house. Our expertise lies in solving all of these problems and more without putting our clients at a financial disadvantage. We pay in cash and our terms are quite flexible. We also purchase properties no matter their condition. If any of these things are of interest to you, contact us and we can chat to find a mutually beneficial arrangement.
We take several factors into consideration when determining how much we can offer for your house. These include the condition of the house, the repairs we’ll need to make, where the house is located and the value of other similar houses sold locally. A lot of houses’ values have not recovered yet since 2008, as you might know. We consider all of these factors before making a fair price.

No. Our firm buys houses in cash and we do not ask for commissions. We charge no hidden fees.

Real estate agencies employ agents that work on a commission basis. They list houses that they then hope will be purchased by someone. We, on the other hand, buy the house outright. We then make any repairs needed and sell the house when the appreciation is high enough. Real estate agencies also take months to close a deal whereas we can close a deal on a house in a week.
: No. There are no strings attached when you fill out forms or send us details about the property you want to sell. We will simply go over the details, determine how much to offer and iron out the arrangement when we call you. Once done, the decision is completely up to you. You can accept our offer or you can walk away. It’s as simple as that. We won’t pester you with follow up calls if you do decide to reject our offer either.

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