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Owner Financing For Quick Home Sale

Did you have a realtor list your home months or years ago but it still isn’t sold? Do you need to move to soon and can’t maintain two homes? Whatever your reasons, you might want to consider Owner Financing instead which makes selling your house a lot easier and faster.

Simplicity At Its Best

Letting go of a home is hard enough. You don’t need a sluggish system like real estate listings to make things even harder.

With Owner Financing, everything is a lot simpler. There is no need to deal with banks since the homeowner IS the bank. There are no listings since the buyer pays for the house directly. There are also no real estate agents who will ask for commission. You simply negotiate with the investor for terms that all parties are comfortable with and once that’s done, the deal can be closed a short time later.

The best part is you can sell your home for close to or even above the market price. Dealing with real estate agents can tie your home up for months or years. All the while, the value drops and you lose money in the process.

With Owner Financing, the home can be bought faster and at a price that you and the investor can agree on. You can then get a substantial down payment and once the home is fully paid, you could end up with the amount that’s close to or above your home’s real value.

You won’t have to worry about repairs either since the buyer will take care of that. The same goes for any fees to close the deal. When it comes to the terms and conditions, everything is laid bare, from schedules of payment to how long until the house is likely to be fully paid.

Once the agreement is signed, your biggest part has ended and you probably won’t have to deal with the investor again until you are given a package to sign the deed. In the meantime, the buyer is making regular payments for your home. That’s not something that you would get from real estate agencies.

Sell Your House Fast

Right now, there is no faster way to sell your home than with Owner Financing. Not only is there a much bigger pool of potential buyers than you would get with traditional methods, the process for selling your home is simpler too. The only people involved are you and the investor. No red tape and no bureaucracy, just a person to person agreement.

To compare, when you have a realtor put your home on a listing, only 20 percent of Americans will be able to buy it via bank loans. This is even more problematic with beautiful and expensive homes. Far too many high end houses languish on listings for months or years without getting sold and their prices drop so steep that owners literally lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is a LOT of time and money wasted.

We haven’t even touched on how the waiting affects homeowners emotionally since thinking about how their homes haven’t sold and are losing value by the day can be really stressful. With Owner Financing, you don’t have to deal with any of that.

Through Owner Financing, you can have access to the other 80 percent of Americans who want a home but did not meet one or two criteria to get a loan. Many of these prospective buyers can provide substantial down payments and can afford the monthly rates. This makes selling your home much faster and once their bank loans are approved, you will get the full payment for the amount that you agreed on.

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